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So massive props to my local dealer this past week.

I've been having some very odd issues with my car since February and an initial analysis was done a few weeks ago and a fault was found in my engine-off at rest 'module' or whatever it's called. fact the button for that didn't work. (I *never* use that feature so I really didn't care it didn't work.)

So...out of warranty...I take my car in for a deeper-dive at my expense. They are going to chase down the issue. And I am $$cringing$$.

In the end, the tech's determined I had a shorted out 'power distribution unit' and a replacement was ordered. At this time, I was also told that this would be covered under warranty. Much celebration ensued that evening.

So post-install of the new unit fixed the following:

- Infrequent, but totally random engine shut-off while idling. (Biggest issue by far).
- Random gear change from 1st to 2nd while in manual mode. (PDK)
- Huge...*huge*... improvement in throttle response.
- Much smoother idle.
- My engine-off at rest button actually works now.
- It 'feels' like I've gained 50 HP. That's extremely subjective.

The service manager tells me this the first PDU he's ever had to replace. They've never seen this issue on any car, any model, ever before. For me, I feel like I've got a brand new car and it's running like a dream now.

Just documenting this for the future. Many thanks to my local dealer for their efforts. Larson Porsche, Fife, WA. Many thanks to Bryan and his team.
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