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Planning to move back to Cali by mid-March to early April. Haven't decided if I want to Ship my Boxster, tow it with my wife's X3 (not sure if that's feasible yet), or enjoy the drive.

Leaning towards driving, and always appreciate the constructive feedback and differing opinions found here.
I've done the Northern route before and am looking to travel through/see new places. I'm planning on taking a 6-7 days.

My first pass looks like this:

Day 1: Philly to Charlotte, 8.5 hour Drive Pit stop in Clifton VA to see a friendDay 2: Charlotte to Memphis 9.5 hour drive. Pit stop in Asheville
Day 3: Memphis to Austin 9.5 hour Drive Pit Stop in Little Rock
Day 4: Hang out in Austin
Day 5: Austin to Carlsbad, NM 7.5 hour drive

Day 6: Carlsbad to Tuscon, AZ 7 hour drive
Day 7: Tuscon to LA 7.5 hours

I'm open to a completely different route... wouldn't mind shortening the days a bit in terms of driving and skipping the down day, but what say those of you in the know? I'll be driving one of my vehicles across. Just not sure which one yet!

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Cross country drives can be real interesting, if you are not in a rush and take the time to divert off the interstates to see the sights along the way. We've done two cross country trips already and planning a third. As for your route, some suggestions...

- Bypass (skip) Charlotte to take I-81, Skyline Drive and/or Blue Ridge Parkway.
- If you decide to pass-thru Asheville, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is due west. US441 to Gatlinburg is a good drive!
- Nashville is a good stop en-route to Memphis.
- You may wish to go through Oklahoma City and Albuquerque instead? Stop at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo for a distraction and break. I've read that I10 through Texas is a "snooze".
- Near Flagstaff, you have Sedona to the south and Grand Canyon to the north.

Good luck.
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