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Last night I did everything I came here to do-find great music, great food and a little hit of lawlessness with an emphasis on fashion. My friend Adam Levy, a wildly talented guitarist who has jazz flowing through his veins (and who played guitar for both Tracy Chapman and Norah Jones because he can be mainstream when he really tries) said I had to see Ingrid Lucia if I was looking for great music in New Orleans. Trusting him completely, my evening began at her 6pm show at dba, which was phenomenal. I knew if Adam liked her so much that she must be very talented, which she absolutely is, but she is also incredibly warm and fun and all about making sure the audience is loving every minute of the show as they take to the floor right in front of the stage to dance until they drop because it is impossible not to move to her music. If you want to hear one of the best jazz vocalists around, check her out: (website: ("Cry" video: and if you ever get the chance to see her live, don't miss it . . . and be sure to bring your dancing shoes.

On the celebrity sighting front, after Ingrid's show I was waiting for her to join me for a drink at the spotted cat across the street, when Tim Robbins walked in with a hottie tottie and after about 10 mins of trying to get a drink, left with said hottie tottie.

Around 10:30 I headed over to Susan Spicer's Bayona to meet H and and one of her New Orleans based friends for a mind-blowing dinner (our favorites: goat cheese croutons with mushrooms and madeira cream, grilled shrimp with black bean cake and coriander sauce and kobe beef wrapped asparagus). After a chat and photo op with Susan Spicer (recipient of the James Beard Best Chef in the Southeast award and named one of the 10 best new chefs by Food & Wine), we were to off find some lawlessness with an emphasis on fashion.

We didn't have to look far, as soon as we got out on the terrace of a gay bar down the street called the Bourbon Pub (where H met three members of the TN supreme court and their shirtless clerk the last time she stopped in), we saw an impeccably dressed, tweaked out of her mind drag queen directing traffic like there was no tomorrow in the intersection below. Oddly enough, people actually did what she directed them to do like they were scared they were really going to get in trouble if they disobeyed the fashionista drag queen. It was a fabulous show that went on all night and the police were nowhere to be found. That's what I'm talking about-lawlessness with an emphasis on fashion. Seek and you shall find.

Now I am off to seek and hopefully find Simon & Garfunkel at the jazz fest.

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