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This year's Cars on 5th in Naples, FL is my 1st event and probably won't be the last. The weather was near perfect; partly cloudy with sun breaking through to warm things up in between. I would guess this is probably the biggest car shows in Florida, and I would not be surprised if one of the top 5 shows in the U.S.. I heard this show brought in about 300+ cars registered to park and show their cars on 5th Ave of Naple's downtown, and 40k(!) visitors & participants. Cars enthusiasts donates $25 to the Eden Autism Services of Florida to display their cars. There were Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, a pair of Koenigseggs, MB, BMW, and all kinds of muscle cars and classics hot rods from individuals and local dealers.

I took these pictures before the start of show... enjoy!
Cars on 5th - a set on Flickr
Here are are few from the set:

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