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What were the top 10 questions from the OEM and OES delegates attending the Polk EuroCar Seminar in the UK on 20 January 2010?

  1. If you could only do one thing with respect to marketing in this environment, what would it be or in what area would you focus?
  2. You have covered a great deal of ground, what type of marketing has been most effective / impactful?
  3. Are there any other challenges that 'keep you awake at night'?
  4. Can you share with us where or from whom dealer network planning can be most improved?
  5. Do you have a view about the demise of block exemption and the impact this will have?
  6. Is the decrease in the Japan dealer network an indication of the direction European dealer networks are going?
  7. With regard to CO2 emissions, hybrids and zero emission vehicles, do you have any insight into vehicle whole life costs?
  8. Is the development of fuel efficient vehicles dependant on the oil price going to $600 a barrel?
  9. What is the difference between plug-in hybrids, pure full hybrids and mild hybrids?
  10. Do you have any evidence that customers are driving shorter distances as a result of economic conditions?
These questions are an indication of the themes foremost in delegate's minds. Watch the blog for answers to these questions.

Posted by Marcus Richardson, PolkConnect Programme Manager, Polk's Europe Operations (01.21.2010)

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