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I plan to buy towards the end of the year. Will be my first Porsche. I currently drive a 2013 535i with a M Sport pkg. The beemer has been good to driving experience of the lot I have owned so far.

Prior to the 535, I have owned - corvette c6, acura rl, honda s2000, volvo s60R, honda prelude

I am looking for that sweet spot of year and trim level I can find for under $40k and with less than 60k miles.

I am honing in on the 4s.

should i get the 4s with the v8 2010-2013 or should i consider the 2014 onwards with the v6 turbo?

I don't mean to sound like a wuss but I am 45 and not into any kind of track scene (scarred from some mishaps from the past). I only see myself enjoying the occasional spirited driving else mostly cruising.

Please share your thoughts and recommendations to help me make this decision. I have always wanted a Porsche ever since I was a kid and this is a dream come true for me and I am super excited.

Your comments and advise are much appreciated. Cheers!
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