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Porche 981 DIY video contents page

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Over the last few years, but especially the last 6 months I've been busy making DIY videos for my Boxster. This included buying another car that had water damage to just tear apart, and also tear down a PDK transmission that I was very kindly donated. There are a bit more than a hundred videos, and they cover pretty much everything I can think to do. Except for the tear down of an engine, but I need one that is unrecoverable as a donation. Anyone? :)

I approached the moderators and suggested that I create a post with a table of contents and then link to the videos so people could find and access them easily if they needed to.

I don't want people to think this is the authoritative DIY content. Far from it. This is just part of the knowledge base that will be built up over many years for a platform I think is pretty unique. I just wanted the information I'd created in one place and in a format that is easily accessible so people can find stuff if required.

Due to embedded media limits it's not possible to have all the videos here in one location. There is a link at the top of each section that will take you to the thread that contains those videos. If you have comments or questions about the content, please do this on the linked thread.

Happy DIY.

Link to servicing videos

981 Boxster/Cayman servicing. Includes most tasks including PDK fluid change.
981 Brakes
981 Spark plugs, compression test
981 Drive belt replacement
981 Coolant drain, fill and bleeding
981 Flat battery and replacement
Porsche Lifting Jack
981 Lifting onto jackstands
981 Boxster relay locations

Engine and Fuel
Link to engine and fuel videos

981 Intake manifold removal and intake port cleaning
981 Walnut Blasting of Intake ports
981 Fuel pump and fuel sender
981 High pressure fuel pump
981 Vacuum pump
981 Exhaust
981 Oxygen sensors
981 Starter motor
981 Alternator
981 Air conditioning compressor
981 Oil separator and vent lines
981 Engine electrical components
981 Coolant thermostat
981 Coolant pump
981 Radiator and fans
981 Catch can install. Provent 200
981 Catch can update at 400 km
981 catch can update at 2000 km
981 Catch can update at 5000 km
981 Coolant reservoir and fill port
981 Exhaust manifold
981 Cylinder head cover

Link to PDK videos

Contents (This thread has a number of Porsche PDK documents attached)
981 Transmission mounts
981 Transmission (PDK) removal
981 PDK oil change information
Oil pan and filter
Clutch pack
Clutch pack teardown
Differential and driveshaft flanges
Pump and intermediate plate
Rear case removal
Gear set removal
Transmission cooling
Valve body
Valve body part 2
Gear set and shifter information
Sealed bearings
Drain more clutch fluid
Distance sensor information
Distance sensor information part 2
Half shaft seals
Distance sensor replacement

Wheels, suspension, driveshafts
Link to wheels, suspension, driveshaft videos

981 Front suspension
981 Rear suspension
981 Wheel bearings
981 Driveshafts
981 Rear support frames
981 Wheel alignment
981 Loose diagonal strut bolts
981 Diagonal strut bolts, checking and replacing

Link to interior videos

981 Boxster Interior trim removal & installation.
981 Timelapse building of the interior
981 Center console access
981 Cupholder Modification
981 Pedals
981/991 Sticky Brake Pedal
981 Center console removal
981 Carpets
981 Dashboard removal and install
981/991 PDK selector disassembly
981/991 Button controller disassembly
981 Steering column, switch and wheel
981/991 Steering switch
991/981 Dashboard bracket
981/991 HVAC unit
981 A/C vents
981 Instrument cluster disassembly
981 Mirror, GPS antenna, rain sensor

Doors and seats
Link to doors and seats videos

981/991 Door trim, subframe, window and regulator removal/install
981/991 Door trim delamination/warping information
981 Door locks and handles
981/991 Door handle sensor fix
981 Wing mirrors
981/991 Seat removal and information
981/991 Seat back disassembly (14 way sport seat)
981 2-way sport plus seat disassembly
981 Door removal

Link to exterior videos

981 Boxster panel and engine access
981 Front bumper
981 Rear bumper, rear lights, & spoiler
981 Door entry guard removal/install
981 Front and rear lid locks
981 Washer bottle removal/install
981 Fuel flap removal and adjustment
981 Condenser cleaning
981 Wipers and windscreen trim
981/991 Fuel tank squeak
981/991 Emergency access
981/991 Tow hook attachment
981 Boxster window rear seals
981 Cabin floor drains
981 Boxster easy access under boot trim
981/991 Windscreen washer jet cleaning
981/991 Wiper rubber replacement
981 Frunk/froot divider installation
981 Home made car cover
981 Gas strut replacement
981 Wing removal

Convertible roof
Link to convertible roof videos

981 Convertible roof drains
981 Roof service position
981 Boxster roof and roll-over bar removal
981 Boxster roll-over bar trim removal
981 Boxster roof liner removal and install
981 Roof canvas removal and install
981/718 Boxster roof electrical problem diagnosis
981/718 Boxster roof electrical problem diagnosis (Part 2)
981 Boxster roof wiring, micro-switches and motors
981 and 718 Boxster roof pleat cord failure
981 Boxster roof pleat cord fix
981 Boxster canvas damage

Link to diagnostics videos

PIWIS install
981 PDK calibration procedure using PIWIS
981 PDK software upgrade using PIWIS
PIWIS interface cooling fan
More PIWIS coding information
PIWIS instrument cluster corrections
PIWIS coding options
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