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Porsche 981 DIY videos - Interior

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This section covers the basic interior trim items all the way to fully stripping the cabin of carpets and dashboard.

981 Boxster Interior trim removal & installation.
This video is 45 mins long and covers most areas of the cabin. Titles for each section are on the slider at the bottom. Use this to find the item you are after.

981 Easy access below center console

981 Timelapse building of the interior

981 Cupholder Modification

981 Pedals

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981/991 Sticky Brake Pedal

981 Center console removal

981 Carpets

981 Dashboard removal and install

PDK selector disassembly

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981/991 Button controller disassembly

981 Steering column, switch and wheel

981/991 Steering switch

991/981 Dashboard bracket

981/991 HVAC unit

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981 A/C vents

981 Instrument cluster disassembly

981 Mirror, GPS antenna, rain sensor

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one segment missing from this how-to is correcting a loose and wobbly mirror-one that will not stay in position.
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