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Hi - welcome to the Porsche Cars for Sale and Wanted classified section of Planet-9.

This section is to be used to list ONLY Porsche cars that are for sale, or ones you might want to buy. Any other listings will likely be removed by the moderators.

You MUST be a paid member to post to this section. No exceptions. It helps keep spammers away.

Please do come back if you are successful in selling your car - and mark it SOLD here. that will stop all those pesky PM's you are receiving for a car you no longer own.

A general rule to not be scammed: "If it sounds too good to be true - it is." Following that rule will avoid 95% (scientifically proven) of the pitfalls of online purchasing. The other 5% can be avoided by RUNNING AWAY from any seller who wants you to use Friends and Family in a Paypal payment.
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