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Porsche Auto Lease Programs – Effective July 2009

These lease programs are provided courtesy of by dealer partners and are NOT for redistribution.

Follow these 3 steps for the best lease deal!

1) Use the data listed below each vehicle model, and the Lease Formula at the bottom of this page, to calculate a manufacturer (captive) lease payment.

2) Compare special Bank Lease programs by clicking on the vehicle model name to see instant lease payments.

3) You’ve done your homework, now choose the best lease and start driving your car!

NOTE: Choosing a lease program, captive or bank, with the lowest money factor and a realistic residual value will provide you with the best overall leasing option.

Email me for FREE help on using this data or leasing in general.

2009 Cayman Coupe – 7/09
24 Month – Residual 56% of MSRP – .00300 Base Rate
36 Month – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00300 Base Rate
48 Month – Residual 39% of MSRP – .00300 Base Rate
60 Month – Residual 32% of MSRP – .00300 Base Rate

2009 Cayman Coupe S – 7/09
24 Month – Residual 54% of MSRP – .00300 Base Rate
36 Month – Residual 53% of MSRP – .00300 Base Rate
48 Month – Residual 37% of MSRP – .00300 Base Rate
60 Month – Residual 30% of MSRP – .00300 Base Rate

Residuals posted are for 15K miles/year. Add 2% to Residual for 12k mi/yr and 3% for 10k mi/yr on all terms

Lease Payment Calculation Formula:
(Cap Cost – Residual Value) / Term = Depreciation
(Cap Cost + Residual Value) X Base Rate = Interest
Depreciation + Interest = Base Monthly Payment

Terms Used in Lease Formula:
CAP COST = Vehicle Purchase Price (amount financed)
RESIDUAL VALUE = MSRP (window sticker) X Residual %
TERM = Length of Lease in Months (3 years = 36 months)
BASE RATE = Dealer’s Buy Rate (dealer can mark this up for profit)

NOTE: The manufacturer (captive) lease programs provided are for reference only. Base Rates may vary by region. Your dealer has the option of offering you a higher rate.

Compare Lease and Loan Payments for Used Porsche Models HERE

Visit Auto Lease Insider for great leasing info!

Special lease programs for other makes available here:
Manufacturer Auto Lease Rates

If you find this information useful, please CONTRIBUTE to keep it going. Thanks in advance!
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