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Bit desperate here - seriously confused with the UK governments approach to importing a car into the country.

Will try to keep this as simple as possible:

1) Imported from the Middle East to UK (expat etc)
2) Tried to register and to fill in paperwork (V55) need lot of damn detail - provided on a Certificate of Conformity.
3) Called Porsche UK, provided VIN, and couldnt provide CoC - help as wasnt purchased from UK - told me to contact Porsche Middle East
4) Call Porsche Middle East who apparently dont know what a CoC is - email chain
5) Call Porsche UK who refer me to Porsche Germany
6) Porsche Germany refer me to local retailer - Porsche UK!
7) 3 months of chasing Porsche Germany send me an adhoc CoC - has maybe 10 points of info - barely enough to fill in the V55 but thats all I got!

Has anyone filled in a V55 for a Cayman S PDK 3.5L built in 2014 ? Cant seem to find any manuals for car - all links dead . Appreciate any help here as driving me nuts
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