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I've always preferred aftermarket bucket seats (i.e recaro, sparco) over oem seats on track, not just for the obvious reason but due oem seat headrests. When wearing a helmet, they push my head forward and in some cases make me look downward.

I was excited with the LWB seats that came with my recently acquired GT4. However, it had the same issues and made them worse because both headrest and seat can't be adjusted nor reclined.

I tried a lumbar support but it seemed to contort my back like a pretzel and sacrifice some lateral support. I still had to consciously force myself to look ahead instead of the instrument cluster.

Those I know who have learned to live with the inconvenience immediately had the following bracket installed after trying my seat. In addition, the reclined angle of the entire seat made them feel more planted. Like being in a tub. Shorter guys may have an issue with the somewhat shortened leg reach. I'm only 5'6" and have the seat raised more than 50% and it doesn't bother me.

You can order them here. This is the installation instructions.

A pic of my seats. You can compare the reclined driver seat to the passenger:
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