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I have 2 sets of Porsche Panamera Wheels. They were made by Fuchs Performance. They are 9.5x22 et. 56mm and 11x22 et. 58mm. Fuchs Performance wheels are forged aluminum. The wheels are brand new and have never been mounted on a vehicle. You can take the one set to a local powder coater and have them refinished to any color you want. Retail cost on these is $7600 in raw finish and 8200 in Double Dark Tint.
Set 1) Bare Metal would cost $3600 as is. Powder coating to a standard finish would cost $650 additional.
Set 2) Double Dark Tinted finish and would cost $4300.
Located in Los Angeles for pickup. Shipping also available.
95x22 FP.3 Brushed & Clear.jpg
11x22 FP.3 Brushed & Double Dark Tinted Clear.jpg
Fuchs Performance FP3 Panamera.jpg
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