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Just sharing some pics of our fantastic group drive yesterday that took me from Portland to Seattle. I met up with this posse of guys (and a couple wives), who have been following my blog on Planet-9, just over the river in Vancouver, WA. Then we headed south on 5 to pick up 26 west, which we took to 103 to 202 west into Astoria OR, where we grabbed lunch and saw the Astoria Column. Then we picked up the 101 and took it up to 8 east, which we took into Olympia for a quick photo op at the capital before finally splitting up in Tacoma so we could all get home before dark. Awesome drive, awesome day.

Beef Jerky!!! Someone is following my beef jerky and push-up recipe for body perfection, but I won't mention any names...

I asked for a top removal demonstration (the car kind, not the other kind). Have to say this car is beyond sexy and the sport exhaust sounded amazing, but I wouldn't want to be putting this top on in the rain on the side of the road by myself, um, ever....

We briefly contemplated negotiating a group rate for oral surgery, but in the end decided to just get on the road.

Passed our adorable little vintage friend on the road and he joined our posse for a while. Best view I have had in my rearview mirror this whole trip, nothing but a train of beautiful Porsches behind me with this guy bringing up the rear. I will never forget that view.

At Astoria Column. I would show you a pic of the column, but our cars are so much prettier...

Chasing down my boys while taking their picture--Safety first!

About to put down my camera and burst past them both, not just because I am a compulsively competitive little bastard with more horsepower, but also because I was the only one with a K40 and I'm thoughtful like that...

Made it to Olympia just as the sun was going down. As soon as we parked (where we totally weren't allowed to be) this trooper swooped up and started questioning us. None of the guys seemed to know what to say, so I took the lead and explained that we were "on a roadtrip." The trooper nodded and responded, "roadtrip, huh? Make it quick" and drove off. If there is one thing I have learned on this trip, it is that if you are ever potentially in trouble with the law, just tell the law that you are on a roadtrip. Seriously, whatever it is-felony reckless driving, dui, illegal trespassing...just tell them you are on a roadtrip and the response will no doubt be something like, "roadtrip huh? Why didn't you say so?" every single time...​


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I'm glad you liked the detour into Astoria. That's a fun road! Sorry we had to break off early. It was great to meet you . . .
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