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TIRERACK availability?? of PZeros 265/35X20's in NO spec.

LG will be needing some new rears soon. Currently at 13K miles and outside edges are clean although further in still OK wear wise. LG is going to GA in two weeks and upon return will have an added 1,750 miles so I will order the new rears then.

But I (as well as others elsewhere) have noted that this size/NO spec are as of today Back-Ordered at TireRack.

So FEI I just called TR to see what they meant by BO'd and the related delay window. I was advised by TRSales that currently only Porsche Dealers have access to said tires within the TR inventory. Others - private buyers and other Marqees - may find a problem :( getting the afore mentioned tire.

I have a local Benz dealer who would buy rears via TR and then mount via dealer's Hunter Road Force system.

Interestingly, when I mentioned this approach, the TR conversant said the Benz dealer may be unable to get these tires at least currently. Not sure I like this TR approach but we will see when I do get set to order come mid-June.

We will see.

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