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Hey guys,

Pandemic is "over". and i want a boxster back. I miss my baby and times are somewhat better than 2020.
Sadly i can't buy my old 987 back but i found a car that may bring me that rush feeling back at a really affordable price ...

2006 Boxster base, manual.
It's salvage, minor side impact was repaired, i had to find the damage pics online and figured not bad enough to really mess this up.

it's got 162k miles.
and the roof doesn't work... and although it's closed the windows are stuck down about 2 inches from closing
asking price...5-6k USD.

so...i remember dealing with the latch micro-switch problem in my car. i went to look at the car thinking this might be broken caused at the soldering point and it wasn't.
i bridged the wires at the microswitch, and tried to activate the roof. miraculously as per the owner...the roof began to attempt to open. i saw the clam shell begin to open.
i got nervous and had it retract halfway and decided to let it close and see if the roof would properly close and maybe the windows would go up. NOPE.

so the roof control switch works. at least intermittently.

next i sat there thinking what else should i do ...i decided to open it all the way and watch it retract all the way down and in.
It sounded rough which tells me transmission gears. it wasn't the nice sound i'm used to.

then...i pulled the roof into service mode and looked down the sides to see if any of the ball join sockets were broken. NOPE.
they were very clean and white. which tells me they have been replaced at one point recently. I then proceed to close the roof, and it turns out it's the last time it reacts whatsoever
So i look at the see what the errors are coming up as ...
  1. Failure Convertible top CTRL
  2. Convertible top not in the limit posit.

I also went through all the buttons..PSM button works.
Car also has all interior bulbs LED. I remember reading that LED's can fry circuits? yes/no?
Wing up and down is not working

Based on my reading and understanding.please correct me if I am wrong.
SO the possibility of the cause of this is the driver's side transmission position sensor that can't be replaced, unless you change the whole driver's transmission unit / or both?
rear body control Module under seat?
and/or microswitch
i assume relays aren't an issue if they worked to move this up and down and wouldn't throw a message
what else am i missing?

I need to know what else to do. I have outdoor parking in NY. Fall/Winter is coming and my concern is will i be able to prevent this car from catastrophic damage from rain season/snow season.
I have considered turning the roof into a manual roof for now, but only if i can close the windows. Please help me and guide me on what to do and where to go.
i figured that if i buy all new roof motor, microswitch, transmissions, i'll be under 2k in the hole if i do it all myself. any advise is welcome.

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Let's assume your numbers are correct. You are proposing putting a third of the purchase price immediately into a salvage car which by definition has no residual value after you buy it, with162K on the clock. I'd wait and walk, we're going into fall, always a good time to shop drop tops off season. The affordable price Porsche is seldom the buyer's bargain they think they found.
I don’t disagree but i like the challenge of beibg able to fix it. What actual repair tips to you have?
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