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After 6,000 track miles, my 19" Carrera II wheels were looking pretty ragged. Some road rash, a few chips, etc. So I bought a set of 911 wheels for use at the track and decided to restore my Carrera II's, to be used solely on the road from now on.

I looked at painting them a different color, powder coating them, or just getting them sand blasted and redone in the stock silver color. Ultimately, I decided to powder coat them semi-gloss black. A West Palm Beach powder coating shop, Tolliver Powder Coating, charged $100/wheel (a lot less than some other bids I received) and did a great job. I chose semi-gloss because the shop told me that matte black are too hard to keep clean, and full gloss tend to scratch. So semi-gloss it is.

The before and after photos are attached. (Still waiting on the new black center caps, which are on order.)

IMG_5439.JPG FullSizeRender.jpg
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