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Power Seats
Option Code:P15Prices: $1,550


The Power Seat Package adds electrical control
of the seat's fore/aft, height, seat bottom angle and lumbar supports for both
seats (all seats have electrical back angle adjustments). The back of the
seats are finished in an interior color matching leatherette (unless the full
leather option is selected).

(click a picture for a closer look)

Benefits: Along with the electrical movements, the Power
Seat Package also adds memory seat features, exterior mirror memory, right side
mirror parking assist when in reverse and remote control linking to seat memory position 1. These memory features can be very nice if you
share your car with another driver and don't want to be hunting for your
optimal seat position every time you trade cars.

Drawbacks: Some say the Power Seats can not go as low or as
far back as the mechanical seats. The power seats will add some small
amount of weight to
a Cayman. Price is also sometimes an issue.

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FAQ Information: This FAQ was
originally written by Gator Bite and has been updated and revised by our
Last Revised: April 2010
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