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Power to the Panamera. Introducing the AWE Tuning Panamera 3.6L Exhaust Systems

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Presenting the perfect exhaust suite for the 2011-2014 3.6L Panamera. Two options – Touring Edition and Track Edition – ensure that there’s a variation for all.

The AWE Tuning Porsche Panamera V6 Track and Touring Exhaust systems are dyno-proven with max gains of +11HP and +19TQ for the Track Edition and +10HP and +7TQ on the Touring Edition system. Power to the Porsche.


  • Engineered, developed, tested, and hand built in-house at AWE Tuning
  • 2.5" mandrel bent 304 stainless steel tubing throughout
  • Dyno proven max gains of 11HP and 19TQ on the Track Edition, 10HP and 7TQ on Touring Edition
  • Specially developed Helmholtz Resonators eliminate drone
  • Track Edition features an X-pipe for enhanced exhaust scavenging and improved tone
  • Both Touring and Track Editions do not affect or alter any emissions devices, completely street legal
  • 27lbs weight savings with Touring Edition, 23lbs with Track Edition
  • No Check Engine Light -- Guaranteed
  • Lifetime Exhaust Warranty

Details, by edition:
The Panamera Touring Edition Exhaust System
The more civilized member of the family is the AWE Tuning Panamera Touring Edition Exhaust. If you occasionally have a client in the car or are concerned about waking the neighbors, consider the Touring Edition: This system brings out the power and tone of the V6 in an extremely sophisticated manner. This system is an “axle back” system that retains the factory mid-muffler, while offering a significant weight savings of 27 lbs. over the factory system.

The Panamera Track Edition Exhaust System
The Panamera Track Edition Exhaust was designed for those seeking additional growl from the 3.6L power-plant. This "noticeable" system lets them know you're coming. The Panamera Track Edition system is a full bolt on system that includes an X-Pipe as well as inlet tubes, yet retains the factory downpipes and catalysts. Added bonus: The AWE Tuning Panamera Track Edition system offers a 23lb weight savings over the factory system.

Power to the Panamera
Below are comparision dyno tests as performed on our Mustang MD-500-SE AWD dyno.

AWE Tuning Porsche performance specialists await your call at 888-565-2257, or [email protected], PM me for additional information, or visit our Porsche Panamera 2/4 Track and Touring Exhaust System webpage to place your order. We’re here.
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FAQ Tip Clamp Installation - Anti-Seize

I know this owners group is very likely familiar with this copper or nickel based wonder compound, but for those that are getting ready to install their systems, grab that anti-seize because you'll need it for the threads on the tip clamps! Just a little dab or brush. My Pro Tip: Loosen the clamp and put a dab just below the upper barrel nut, and then work the Anti-seize through to make sure everything is good and ready for install.

Unlike the clamps on the pipes (40lb ft of torque), the tips clamps are going to be 18-20lb ft. We generally go by feel.
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These plates would be for Vanity use only. We have some that are registered plates but most are for photos and closed course testing only.
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