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Sup guys,

So a few weeks ago I ran into the silly "door lock pivot" breaking.

Today I finally removed the driver door panel, removed the broken pivot, made the "hybrid" pivot joint because of the "Old Car New Part" situation with the part I ordered from pelican parts and the fix is complete.

However, upon removing the triangular plastic trim and unplugging the harness that goes to the back of the side view mirror adjust module, I guess the 10 year old plastic snap enclosures decided to tear and crumble on me.

Now the module can be pulled out with two fingers. As it sits now it lays flush and isn't an eye sore but I do want to fix it in the future, and not with electric tape or some type of adhesive.

Pictures for reference:

Maybe this is

Anyone run into this as well and care to share where and what you did or bought to have it snap back in securely?

Thanks in advance,

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