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hi to all,

first of all , sorry for my poor english , i am Belgian and i speak french . so i ll try in english ;-)

i bought a Boxster 987 , year 2006 with 70 000 KM , phase 1 , atlas grey .

it's my first Porsche and i love it , it a wonderfull car with a nice noise .

But i have a little problem ( i think ) from one or two weeks when i close the soft roof , the hook of the lock system dont fit in the hole as usual ... ( when i buy it the hook was working but with a little noise ( click ) when it locks )

i need to push them to lock correctly the roof , i dont know why :-(

is it possible to fix it easily or not ?? i dont find any screw to setup the latch

thanks very much for your help

i take a little video with my phone to illustrate this :

another question do i need to put some grease in the mecanism ?

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