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Couldn't see the pic in your post...
so I looked for it myself...
I think this is the car you are talking about...
View attachment 12799
This car raced in the La Carrera Pan Americana races in the 60's.

The next 2 pics are cars of friends who also raced in the
La Carrera Pan Americana races... But these cars raced the last 2 years.
View attachment 12801
View attachment 12800
This race is the only race of its kind in the world still running.
3000 miles.
Reminds me of the movie.. The CannonBall Run.

Some people believe that the 904 is the prototype cayman.
View attachment 12802

Doesn't really matter to me...
BTW... They are all in Silver...
I got mine in Artic Silver... get yours!
That first picture sure looks like the inspiration for our Cayman. The front windshield and roofline is the stongest link for me
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