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Back on March 1 of this year, I posted an entry ( and asked whether it was unprofessional to use forums such as this one, as a tool to network and look for work. Virtually everyone thought is was fine, as long as one was not over the top about it. In fact, this sub-forum was created as a result of the feedback.

With that, I am making myself known as a highly experienced purchasing manager, looking for a position to leverage my record of successes and experience in procurement operations and process improvement. Substantial experience working with suppliers at all levels. Well versed in data analysis, reporting, and presentations. Demonstrated ability to identify and satisfy internal and external customer requirements through effective leadership and teamwork. Proficient writer and speaker. Influential communicator, able to lead and gain support. Solution oriented, with a bias toward quantifiable results.

- Purchasing Management and Supervision
- Metrics and Performance Measurement
- Requirements, Assessments, Solutions
- Employee Motivation and Mentoring
- Process and Quality Improvement (Six Sigma)
- Vendor and Contract Adminstration
- Policy, Procedure, and Compliance
- Budget and Cost Control

My breadth and length of experience is substantial, and have worked for both corporations and family owned companies. I particularly enjoy reinventing and modernizing procurement operations using best purchasing practices, technology, and systems. Technology commodites are appealing and of course, working in the automotive arena would be great, especially if it was performance oriented. However, I am open to any commodity as well as using my skills and experience in different kinds of positions (i.e., project management).

I welcome and very much appreciate responses from anyone who knows of positions that can leverage my skills and experience, but would also welcome the opportunity to talk to members here and/or people you know for the purposes of identifying potential opportunities and learning about their businesses.

Please send me a private message for resume or any other contact information needed. My LinkedIn profile and other info is available upon request.
Thank you.

San Ramon, CA

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Phil, I looked over your LinkedIn account and your profile looks great. Based on your level, would you have time and/or resources now to consider completing your Bachelor's degree?

Also, do you wish to remain on the west coast?

I will keep my eye out for you.

Vice President, Human Resources
Goodwill Industries, Inc.
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