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2006 Cayman S automatic/tiptronic (new to me)

Is the P, N, D, M (park, neutral etc) symbols next to the shifter in the center console supposed to light up at night when the car lights are on? Mine do not and I am wondering if I have a bulb out since everything else seems to light (ashtray, airbag warning etc).

Since this car is new to me, I couldn't find anything anywhere that actually says they are supposed to... I know the dash instrument panel illuminates the gear location, but just seemed logical that these should light up.

If they are supposed to any direction to a how to replace (if known) would be greatly appreciative as I didn't find anything all day.

I did post this days ago under the electronics forum section but go no responses so thought I would move it here since last post every chimed in and was so helpful.
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