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Good Evening Ladies and Gents... I have had my Cayman S for around 3 years now and I was considering changing it but I like it too much to do that!!
I have just order a caprsito cat back for it so like most of you have started modifying it...its the longest I have ever left any car alone without putting my personnel touch to! I have been considering the next mod as the race plenum with the GT3 throttle body and softronic flash...I was just wondering has anyone had any problems with this software given the lower grade of fuel available in the UK/Ireland(its hard come by 98 octane in Ireland)..also with these mods and maybe de snork it what should I be looking at it putting out given that I had the Car rolling roaded at 311bhp when it had 7000k miles on it and it wasn't really driven to that point.Are these the best mods for engine hp per £
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