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Read BEFORE Posting!

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Welcome to the Independent Repair Facilities forum!

This forum is where you can recommend an independent shop/mechanic you've had a positive experience with - so other Porsche owners can find one locally to them.

There will be no negative reviews allowed here. Condemning a business or individual on the Internet opens up the forum to liability, and once posted it never goes away. Anyone posting a negative review or comment here can expect it to be removed, and there may be some penalty involved if a member repeatedly tries doing this.

To make the forum useable - there are subforums broken down by US states, plus the UK, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Please post your review in the appropriate forum.

Things to include in your review:

Shop Information:
  • Shop Location - City/State, or Country, District, etc.
  • Shop Address - the shop's complete address, this will be linked to a Google maps link.
  • Shop Contact - who should be contacted at the shop
  • Shop Phone - phone contact information
  • Shop Email - email address for the shop
  • Shop Website - on-line website info (if it exists.)
  • Shop Type - mechanical, body-shop, audio, performance, tires, etc.

  • Porsche models worked on - 911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, ALL - etc.
  • Hourly rate if known
  • Allows bringing your own parts? (Yes/No/Ask)
  • Has loaners available? (Yes/No/Ask)
  • Waiting area? (Yes/No)

Detailed description of repairs done, including cost:
Any additional information:

IMPORTANT: By posting a review in these forums you agree that the review may be subject to editing by the Planet-9 staff. The editing would only be to assure consistency in layout and substance and add any missing information we might find (location, website, etc.) The review will be marked as edited - and by whom. If you disagree with any of the edits made you can ask to have the review removed.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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