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My car has had a buzzing rattle from the back for as long as I've had the car and it has been driving me nuts. Based on the posts and articles here on P-9, I assumed it was the rear hatch. Since I'm not comfortable taking interior pieces apart, I took the car to (4) shops trying to get this fixed (2 dealers, an Indy and a Porsche body shop). They all focused on the hatch but also checked other things in and under the car.

The first 3 shops could not fix it although two of them said it was not the hatch.

I finally took the car to Gunter at Porsche of Fremont and they listened, heard and acknowledged the noise and then quickly and systematically tracked it down to the parking brake cable which had excessive play and was vibrating and banging on stuff. They replaced the cable under warranty and all is quiet now.

Whoo Hoo!

Gunter told me the hatch rattle problem was well documented for the 987.1 including a service bulletin but that the issue was fixed in the design with the 987.2.

I was very impressed by Gunter's shop and in particular how well they run the place and how well they listened to me and my explanations of the problem. I now plan to use them for future Cayman service.

I won't name the other 3 shops, but I still believe the indy does excellent work and does the body shop. Both continue to help me get the 911 sorted.
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