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I want to bring this to your attention and on several levels.

First, I warn all Cayenne owners to be extra cautious when lowering the back seats because those back seat clips break easily.

IMHO this is a design flaw and Porsche is NOT standing behind their warranty on broken seat back clips.

Why? Because.

Porsche North America tried to attribute (i.e BLAME) the rationale for the denial (They wouldn't even own up to the fact they, PNA, was denying the coverage!!! :wall: ) on the dealership in Anchorage.

Shame on you, Porsche North America, for trying to shift the blame on the Morrison Auto Group! :soapbox:

The rationale: The clips were damaged by an "outside influence." PNA would not even expalin what they mean't by "outside influence!" :gossip:

However, the dealer's owner's son decided to cover the repairs and their Service Manager explained that Porsche North America said that they wouldn't cover them because 'I had put too much weight on them.'


I know exactly how they broke and when. Because I was there and I did it myself.

When I was prepping my car for detail before my trip to protect it, the clips cracked when I dropped the seat backs into place in the down position.

There was no weight on them! This was a normal function and the parts failed because of INFERIOR DESIGN.

Maybe Porsche is too embarassed by them to admit the design flaws. Maybe the back seat clips are a hold over from the shared VW platform.

Whatever it is, it is defective.

This SUV is spec'd by Porsche to carry a large payload and even during my move I did not load the car close to its specified capacity.

The dealer's son in Anchorage decided to repair those for me but I am not inclined to let him.

Why? I didn't buy the car from him. It's not his responsibility!!! It is Porsche of North America's responsibility because it is a CPO car under complete warranty.

He told me that every Cayenne he has seen has broken back seat clips.

Please join with me on the CC to pull together and bring this design flaw to the attention of corporate and press them to fix a severely flawed design.

The CC has a history of effectiveness & credibility in bringing concerns to the attention of Porsche when it comes to things that should be better and should be remedied.


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Mine broke in the exact same way...and I did it too. I have an '06 base 6 cyl. I took it in to the dealer and they replaced them without a word. All better now.

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Morrison Auto group, my local Anchorage Porsche dealership replaced the seat clips at their expense. I do not think this is fair because it is a Porsche certified fully warranted vehicle and I THINK CORPORATE PORCHE NORTH AMERICA SHOULD BE REIMBURSING Morrison Auto Group for their warranty services.

I have waited until I inspected and tried the new seat clips hauling a load with the rear seat backs down. When I picked up my car, the dealer's son told me that Porsche had beefed up the new replacement seat clips significantly and man was he right! :dance:

The new seat clips are a major improvement and I am VERY DISAPPOINTED IN PORSCHE OF NORTH AMERICA!!! :crazy:

Porche corporate is crazy not to back up the orignal seat clips under warranty and they are nuts not to inform owners of this minor update.

Moreover, Porsche North America representatives were extremely dissingeniuos, patronizing and almost condescending in communications! :mad:

Their female representatives should have informed me that the replacement clips had been updated & improved when I provided them feedback. While their rep said she'd pass my feedback onto to Germany for consideration, all-in-all I felt I was treated in a negative manner.

As a result I doubt I'll buy another P-car. While we will need another car in the near future and I would like a Panamera Turbo or a C4S or even a Cayman/Speedster to tide us over, if Porsche is going to handle situations like this so poorly [patronizing communications, failure to honor their warranties, failure to support not only customer but dealership], then I must rethink my next purchase(s).

Nonetheless, I want Cayman Club/Porche Planet members to be advised & informed that the original parts were substandard but the new parts are beefier and appear able to handle simple lowering of the back seats without SPLITTING and FRAGMENTING like the originally designed seat clips. :2cents:

Nonetheless, I think the worst thing about the Cayenne Turbo is the way the back seats are designed to lay down as in the current configuration with Porsche Entry & Drive, there is not enough room behind the driver's seat when the back seat is down to open the driver's seat fully.

If Porsche reversed the back seat split, it might help. But I am thinking I will remove the luggage divider screen as I am njot using it much (It impairs rearview vision.) in order to allow lowering the right rear seats while leaving the left rear seat up so that Porsche Entry & Drive might have room to back the driver's seat fully for easier entry & exit, especially when winter clothes make it harder to get in & out.

Indeed I wish the rear seat split was opposite with the 2/3 seat on the left so that I could have more seating under this scenario when hauling skis & stuff.

Sadly, Porsche Entry & Drive killed my wonderful cat in Edmonton during my drive to Alaska. Curley got caught behind the seat when it rolled back automatically and suffocated in a weird positon. While I like the Entry & Drive feature, I miss my cat, my buddy. :(
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