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About a month ago I went into the Porsche Dealership and had them remove the power steering plus software from my car. I bought an "in-stock" car and unfortunately it already had the software on it. I did not order the car this way.

Let me tell you the difference is massive at low speeds. The steering has MUCH more weight to it now. Overall much more sporty and pleasant to use. I cannot for the life of me imagine why anyone would want PS Plus on these cars. It seriously makes this car steer like a Buick below 30mph. I personally notice a difference in steering weight up to about 40 or 50mph, even though the literature states the cutoff is much lower than this (35mph?). The dealership charged me $90 and I'm very happy with the money spent.

Also, last week I went to a local Porsche shop (not the dealer) to have a custom alignment on my car. What they found was very curious.

Camber (F): -1.0, -1.22
Camber (R) -2.25, -2.25

Toe (F): -2.5, +1.0 <--- Note the huge cross-toe here.
Toe (R): +0.5, +1.5

Camber (F): -2.0, -2.0
Camber (R) -2.4, -2.35

Toe (F): -0.5, -0.5
Toe (R): +2.5, +2.5

I do not know what units the toe is measured in. It's obviously not degrees, but something much smaller. I asked the technician whether the toe settings were ok for street driving and weren't overly aggressive on the tires, he said "yes, absolutely".

I have no idea how the toe got so wonky on the car - its only 4 months old with 4k miles. Maybe some suspension bits settled in? I have not driven the car aggressively since the alignment, but on the drive home and around town I seem to notice an increased sense of stability, both in a straight line and in the curves. Hopefully the new alignment will decrease understeer and give me some more grip at the track.
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