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Hi one and all>>
Any suggestions as to which repair manual is good/best for a 1983 911.
Also...was there an 83 Carrera or was it just the SC and Turbo...
thanks for the help in advance....:banana:

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Welcome to the forum.

For the '83, you should be able to find a Porsche shop manual in English if you look hard enough. I used to have a Haynes manual that covered this model, and it was OK as a reference and for basic maintenance.

In 1983 Porsche produced the following 911 models:

911 SC (Super Carrera)
911 SC Targa
911 SC Cabriolet
911 SC US model
911 SC Targa US
911 SC Cabriolet US
911 SC Japan
911 SC Targa Japan
911 Turbo
911 Turbo Canada

Each of the above has a discrete SN run.
The US models mentioned above had catalytic converters.
Notice there is no 911 Turbo for the US or Japan in 1983, but it was available elsewhere.


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You might also consider Bruce Anderson's Porsche 911 Performance Handbook. There have been several editions (updates to cover newer models), but I think even the 1st edition covered the '83. It's a very good general source, covering a wide range of models.
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