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Hello all, I'm looking for thoughts here. Today I opened my roof and as it was close to fully retracting I heard a "Thump" and it completed the opening procedure. When I went to close the motor functioned as normal and raised the bar that the roof sits under, however the roof itself did not come up. The bar was acting normal and lifting and retracting as if the roof was functioning, and I had no warning lights on the dash saying that it wasn't closed. I was able to manually lift the roof to close (thank god), but I obviously have something going on.

I searched the forum and read a couple of articles about a cable snapping, could this possible be the issue? If so, is this something that can be replaced by myself or will require a trip to the dealer? When I think about it, I also heard the "Thump" a few weeks ago but no issues with the top then.

I have a 2010 Boxster.

Thanks in advance.
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