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When I was in the business, rotating tires was way more important. There was no laser alignment, our factory tool was a pole with incremental measurement hash marks and ends that slid in or out on each end of the pole. In the 70's you could see dramatic uneven wear. Suspensions were not as sophisticated as they are now, nor was tire technology, which is also a factor. On a Porsche? The tires will often get "Rodas" dangerous before you lose all the tread. My old tires looked pretty good when they were replaced, I can promise you they weren't. My cousin learned the hard way, spun his 986 because the tires didn't look bad but it's age and usage that needs consideration. Even on the Ford I stopped rotation. I could not see ANY uneven wear or difference in longevity, so I retired from that.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts