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Learn from my mistake!
I installed an aftermarket amp and Clarion GPS head unit last year - worked great.
This past week we basically had a monsoon in Massachusetts, and my car was outside.
Why do I mention these 2 things together?
I had an inch of water in my trunk - my amp went for a swim!

How did the water get there? Through the rubber grommet in the metal wall, where I routed the cables from the trunk to the battery area.
Apparently, the water fell so fast it crept up in the area, and leaked through the unsealed grommet into the trunk!

Lesson to be learned: Seal the grommet if you puncture it! I took it to Porsche and they did it for me, they used window sealant, the same stuff they use around front windshields.

I never saw this in any of the instructions I read, nor did it ever dawn on me that this could happen. Be warned!

I did get a new amp - Alpine PDX-5 and installed it where the factory one went, just like that other Focal install on this board. Looks and sounds fantastic.

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