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997 Turbo owners, here's your chance to get some ridiculous deals on wheels, speedART aero parts, and an exhaust that we need gone from our inventory!

The prices in the links below are good for today only, so be sure to snatch this stuff up while you can!

speedART BTR XL Front Bumper (new)
speedART designed the BTR-XL front bumper with design-enhancing foglights, an air outlet grill, and optional lower RS Lip. The unit improves aerodynamics and aesthetics. The bumper is made of GFK (Glass Fiber Kevlar) and the RS-Lip is Urethane. The entire front bumper sits the same height as OEM, and without the RS Lip (below) it actually increases clearance.

speedART RS Lip Add-On (new)
This urethane piece adds on underneath the speedART BTRXL front bumper.

speedART BTR XL Rear Diffuser (new)
The BTR-XL rear diffusor attaches to the stock 997 Turbo rear bumper. This is a two-piece diffuser that comprises the wrap-around add-on that enlarges the lower left and right vents, and also includes a removable center panel. All pieces are made of high quality German fiberglass.

HRE P40 Wheel Set (click for price)
HRE's Monoblok P40 mesh design for Porsche 911 was specifically engineered to minimize unsprung mass and rotational inertia. This particular set is brand-new and never mounted! Sizes are 20x9.0 front and 20x12 rear.

360 Forged Wheel Set (click for price)
This 3-piece forged wheel set was test-fitted and mounted on a 997 Turbo for less than 200 miles. They are 20x9.0 in the front and 20x12 for the rear. Fitments include 997 Turbo and C4S cars. The wheels are hubcentric for Porsche and will accept TPMS sensors.

Rinspeed C5 Wheel Set (click for price)
This is a brand-new set of Rinspeed C5 wheels to fit either a 997 Turbo or C4S. They feature a Brilliant Silver finish and are sized 20x8.5 ET50 in the front, and 20x12 ET50 in the rear. These will make a great addition to any widebody 997, with a clean yet striking design that fills the fenderwells nicely!

Tire Options- these apply to all 3 wheel sets above:

Sizes: 245/30-20 and 325/25-30

$1500 for Contintental Sport Contact
$1500 for Pirelli P Zero Nero
$1800 for Michelin Pilot Sport PS2
$1800 for Dunlop Sport Maxx GT

Forgiato Wheel and Tire Package (click for price)
This consignment wheel/tire set came off a customer's 997 Carrera 4S, and measures 20x9 in the front and 20x12 in the rear. The 3-piece forged wheels are finished in chrome for the center and lip, with red and black accents. The tires are Pirelli P-Zero Nero, in sizes 245/30-ZR20 and 325/25-ZR20, and have plenty of life left for the next owner!

Sachs Racing Clutch Kit (click for price)
Previously installed Sachs clutch setup that is rated for 640+ lb-ft of torque. Was taken off a customer's car after 20 miles because it was too aggressive for his commute. Fits many different Porsche applications, including 993, 996, and 997 (Turbo, GT2, GT3).

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Same deal for the 997 non-turbo:

speedART 997 Front Bumper (click for price)
New designed speedART CS front bumper with a very spory look and better aerodynamic performance for 997 Carrera and 997 Carrera S. These fiberglass pieces are made in Germany and ship ready to be painted. This replacement bumper fits Carrera C2, C4 and C4S. Formerly known as the GT style.

speedART RS Lip Add-On (click for price)
This urethane piece adds on underneath the speedART CS front bumper for the 997 Carrera.

speedART 997 Rear Diffusor (click for price)
speedART offers a 4pc rear diffusor that attaches directly to the OE bumper (Red image shows European Rear Bumper without bumperettes). Does not fit C4S or Turbo. Formerly known as the TTR style.

speedART 997 SAR Sideskirts (click for price)
SAR-side skirts for 997 models for a very sporty design.

Vossen 077 wheels for 997 (click for price)
The wheel package featured here includes a complete set of four Vossen wheels in Gloss Black with a Mirror-lip.

The package includes two front and two rear wheels as well as twenty chrome lugs and four Vossen center caps. The wheels are hubcentric and Porsche factory caps can be used. TPMS sensors fit into the standard valve openings. The wheels fit 2005 and up Porsche Carrera 997 and may require a 5mm spacer to clear the brakes of the Porsche Carrera 997 S model.

Tire packages available- click for details!!!

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And for the Cayenne:

speedART 955 Front Spoiler(click for price)
For all Cayenne V6 and S models speedART offers a new SAR-Front Spoiler with new design fog lamps for a very sportive design and better aerodynamic. HID Xenon Fog light upgrade is available. Formerly known as the RS style.

speedART 955 Fender Kit (click for price)
For all Cayenne models, speedART offers a set of fenders flares to add aggressive optical stlying. The kit includes 10 piece wide fender flares that attach to the Cayenne adding 40mm. Optional wheel spacers are strongly recommended.

speedART 955 Rear Diffusor (click for price)
The speedART Cayenne rear diffusor is made from high quality fiberglass and attaches to the stock Cayenne Turbo rear apron. Cayenne V6 and Cayenne S models must upgrade to the new rear apron. This 3-Piece unit has a removeable center section that allows enthusiasts with trailer hitches utility access.

speedART 955 Roof Spoiler (click for price)
The speedART Cayenne roof spoiler adds more downforce and a sportive design for your individual Porsche Cayenne. This wing attaches to the existing Cayenne roof wing on all models(modification to the top cover required, template supplied).

speedART SAR Sideskirts (click for price)
SAR-side skirts for all Cayenne models for a very sportive design. In combination with SAR-front spoiler, SAR-rear spoiler with diffusor, SAR-roof top spoiler and wide fender flares. Formerly known as the RS style.

speedART 957 Fender Flares (click for price)
Fender Flares designed to work with speedART's sideskirts. Must use with sideskirts below: P57.559.001W

speedART 957 Sideskirts (click for price)
The Titan-BTR sideskirts are designed to complete a speedART Cayenne Titan-BTR widebody. The side skirts must use the fender flares above (P57.505.001), and will not work without them.

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We also have two speedART CS Front Bumpers available for 987 Boxsters & Caymans. One is already prepainted silver and the other is primed. We've had these in stock for quite some time and would like to move them before the end of the month. The picture below is the actual bumper we now have, when it was on speedART's Cayman in Germany. Prices are available at the following link:

speedART 987 Front Bumper (click for price)
This is a complete CS front bumper replacement made of high-quality fiberglass and comes primed, ready to paint and install. The bumper lights are not included and must be purchased seperately. It is shown installed with additional RS front chin spoiler also available from speedART.
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