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So I'm running the same width tires front and back for the winter. I know that's not what Porsche recommends, but It seems to work fine. I can't personally feel any handling problems or traction issues.

I have the 17" Cayman rims and the Porsche OE recommend is of course 205/55R-17 front and 235/50R-17 rear

Well if you look up winter tires on Tire Rack the Porsche recommends for this wheel you'll see there's only ONE! The Continental ContiWinterContact TS810 S. That's it. There's nothing else. Put any other tire on there an you're a bad man.

Well, I went and put on 4 Nokian Hakkapeliittas which are NOT recommended by Porsche (probably because they're a bit soft and too snow focused as opposed to high performance driving) and they don't come in Porsche sizes.

So they're on the 17" Cayman rims but they're 215/55R-17 front and 215/55R-17 rear

It seems this would be wrong (especially on the rear) since the rims is wider but they fit fine. Anyway, just wanted to share. Apart from not having a fat sexy rear tire on my car I honestly can't seen anything wrong with this set up for winter. And then when summer comes along I put the 18" 2007 Boxster S wheels back on.

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