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I had some issues with the Alcantara on my seats when I purchased an otherwise great car. If you try to search for Alcantara tips you end up with lots of methods including using a shaver or taking a pair of scissors to the seats. None seemed like methods I wanted to try and seemed to introduce risk of more damage to the seats as they involved sharp objects.

Thanks to the post from Alfaporsche - a member here I was able to get some real tips examples from people who have done it before and decided to give it a shot.

some links that was shared:
Alacantara seat restoration - Alfa Romeo Bulletin Board & Forums
smoothing out the Alcantara in 03 Cobra seats? - Page 2

Encourged by some of the above stories, I decided to give it a shot.

Materials used:
800-2000 grit sandpaper (2 pieces is enough for the whole 2 seat car)
vacuum cleaner & micro fibre for cleanup

Time taken:
Approx 2-3 hours

zero mechanical - Takes some courage to take the sandpaper to the seats though. (Warning! undertake at your own risk!)

1. Tear the sandpaper into 3*3 inch pieces or whatever you feel comfortable holding
2. Wipe gently over affected areas using the least aggressive sandpaper first (higher grit - I used mostly 1000-1200 which were aggressive enough in this case)
3. Use light action and gradually increase pressure/lower grit as required. Repeat with smoother sandpaper if a rougher one was used.
4. Take care not to touch the leather lined surfaces (mask off if necessary). Be careful not to damage the stitches on the seats (go easy)
5. I found that using straight lines vs. circles made it easier to control the area to be covered and "combed" the alcantara nicely
6. Remove built up residue on the sandpaper to maintain its effectiveness at regular intervals
7. Clean the Alcantara target area as you go along to ensure you only remove what is necessary
8. Vacuum the residue & enjoy your refreshed seats! 90-95% better from what I encountered.

After 4 months, the seats still look great hope this post is useful to anyone else facing similar issues with their seats.

Btw the material is great and doesn't slip like smooth leather surfaces, allowing me to stay more in control of my seating position during spirited drives without requiring more aggressive sports or bucket seats on my daily driver.

Before.jpg sandpaper.jpg after.jpg
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