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Hello all:
I do believe most Porsche enthusiasts used the Durametric cable/scanner. However, if you are owner of several different vehicles, buying a specific scanners, one suitable for each vehicle, seems to be , well I don't know how to put it, let say, not sensible?!

In my case, I had to invest over $600 (can) on a Chinese knock off the Star system for my daily driver (Mercedes E320), and a Durametric ($400 Can) for my Cayman S. I also have a relatively a cheaper scanner (MaxiDas) for the wife's car, as well as an old style OBDI I reader for my son's 4x4.

So, I have read a lot about the Autel MaxiDAS DS708. I have corresponded with the Autel, and they claim the scanner works well with both Mercedes and Porsche cars (however, you cannot program with it for these two vehicles).

I wonder:
1. If anyone here has ever used the Autel for Porsche.
2. In general, what is your view on this topic.

Your input is gratefully appreciated.

BTW, I love my air-cooled 911 (no computer, no worries!)

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