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Schnell Autosports 7/15 mm spacers and lug bolts

This is a USED set of Schnell's hub centric spacers for the 981 and 987 series mid-engine cars. Comes with their proper bolts (shorter up front, longer at the rear) as well as 4 screws to secure the spacers to the rotor hats so they don't come off with your wheels.

Info here.

BONUS. I include a proper 981 jack pad receiver pad that locks into the jack pad for easy jacking and a long stainless steel rod that screws into the rotor and makes tire changes a lot easier.

Been on the car for 3 months and were perfect. Car is being traded in for a Macan S, so I'm taking all the goodies off.

Free Shipping VALID IN NORTH AMERICA ONLY. Additional US$25 for Europe or Asia.

List Date: 11/9/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Schnell Autosports 7/15 mm spacers and lug bolts


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