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So my 2009 Cayman, always garaged, always carefully parked, never eaten in, with 31,000 (yes, I do drive it, just not a daily), was the victim of a metal plate skidding across the freeway in Burbank. Appeared from underneath the car in front of me. There was no way to avoid it.

I was kind of lucky, there's no damage to any of that beautifully sculpted metal work, but the lower piece on the front fender has two gashes through the paint. The fender itself has a scratch, but it's not through the paint.

I'd like it fixed. And I'm willing to pay, but want to find someone who knows what he's doing and is willing to take the time to do a really, really good job. Any recommendations for someone that does good work in this area?

Thanks. And yes, I know. The car is a garage queen. And I love my garage queen. Have you seen Jay Leno's garage? I'm not all that different except that I have one car instead of dozens.
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