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Seat Belts in Deviated Color [XS*]

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colored seat belts

XS* - Colored Seatbelts

Options Codes:
XSH - Silver, XSX - Guards
Red and XSY - Speed Yellow


All Caymans come with 3-point black seat belts
with pyrotechnic belt tensioners and belt force limiters. Porsche provides
three options to for colored belts in silver, guards red, and speed yellow.

Pictures: (click for larger version)


Car Vehicle Seat belt Motor vehicle Car seat cover


Car Vehicle Gear shift Window Steering wheel


Vehicle Car Seat belt Motor vehicle Plant

Colored seat belts are purely cosmetic, but can attractively set off an interior
by providing contrast to the seats or a tie to other elements in the interior
such as red stitching or a yellow center console.

Drawbacks: The color seat belts will show dirt and wear and tear
more so than the black seat belts, but if owners are careful that are not
difficult to keep clean. The only other drawback is cost and while the
belts can be retrofitted (see article link below) it is less expensive to order
the colored belts from the factory.

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