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In St. Mary, MT. Just pulled over to share some pics because I seem to be getting one little bar of cell reception here having had pretty much no reception since I left Spokane. The super quick recap: left Seattle and spent the afternoon working my way through back roads up to Wenatchee (the "apple capital of the world"), did one wine tasting there and then another at Tsillan Cellars on Lake Chelan (really enjoyed literally every wine I tasted here, their ridiculous medal count makes perfect sense to me), then worked my way along gorgeous farm roads all the way to Spokane where I crashed for the night.

Yesterday I left Spokane headed for Glacier, got off 90 as soon as I could to work my way up to the west entrance of the park on more scenic roads. Unfortunately the road from the west side of the park to the east wasn't open yet, so I had to go back out and work my way along 2 to 89 up to the many glacier entrance. Glad I did though because I found my favorite bar of all time on 2, the stanton creek lodge, which is basically a bar along the wall of someone's livingroom--coziest bar ever. When the owner got out of his lazy-boy, where he was watching some fox news while he worked his way through a bag of chips, to come over and chat with me (seemed like the polite thing to do since I was the only person sitting in his livingroom with him), he was full of totally entertaining stories from when he used to be a cop in Southern CA, including a story about being in a police chase with Patty Hearst and how she ended up getting away. Would give you the blow by blow, but I am so cramped typing in this car and tired of people staring at me because they apparently don't get many Porsches up here. So, I'll just share these pics and get back on the road...

Wenatchee: "Apple Capital of the World"

This is the 3rd deer I had to dodge on Rt. 2. The first two disappeared immediately, but this one could not stop checking out my car if its little life depended on it...

Entering the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, going to the heart of it today and was adamantly warned against going into any of the bars. Apparently white people are really not welcome and it can get very ugly very quickly, so don't think I'll chance it.

Driving up 89 toward the Park

Climbing higher...

Beyond Beautiful--this is the most awe-inspiring park I have seen this whole trip

I would show you the rest of my car, but it's too dirty :-(

Check out that ribbon of road...adored this drive.

Night closing in, my surroundings getting even more beautiful by the minute...​


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Nice photos! I've been wanting to drive to Glacier N.P. and now I'm thinking it won't be in the van. :)
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