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Transmission Mount Upgrade for the 987

Transmission Mount Upgrade (version2)

by FUNCTION-FIRST Performance


Direct drop-in replacement
Increased sportiness and performance
Added reliability
Quieter than semi-solid mounts
Preserved compliant ride
No more sagging exhaust tips

In terms of added stiffness and NVH, our Transmission Mount Upgrade strikes a nice balance between OEM mounts and semi-solid mounts - we refer to them as "Semi-Semi-Solid" Transmission Mounts.

Not too hard - not too soft - JUST RIGHT!

They are the perfect solution for those of you looking to replace your worn trans mounts with something a touch sportier and more reliable, but you don't quite want to go with a full semi-solid engine mount for fear of too much added noise, vibration, and harshness.

We achieve this happy medium by adding a pocket of urethane in the bottom voids of brand new OEM mounts. This results in moderately increased stiffness that limits excess drivetrain movement and prevents the mounts from prematurely sagging, all while preserving a compliant and quiet ride - it's the perfect compromise for a performance street car!

Restore performance and reward yourself with...precise turn-in, predictable handling, reduced weight transfer, minimized wheel hop, and direct and confident shifts.

Please CLICK HERE to check out the product page for full details!


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