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Hey all,

I'm a long time Porsche fan, finally moving onto the next step. My budget is around $90K, maybe a little higher. I've owned a couple Corvettes in the past, a 1996 and a 2002 Z06. After driving a 2017 Caymen S, I'm no longer disgusted by the thought of an automatic, the PDK is pretty much amazing. The dealer I'm local to has a 2015 911 4S Cabriolet that appears to be a good deal. Only 2500 miles. Nicely optioned. As this is a 2015 I'm not finding a good description of the options available on this car. I've got a copy of the build sheet. It has, and my questions;

541 Seat Ventilation (front) - does this indicate the seats are heated as well, or is that another option? No. Heated seats are extra or part of a larger package deal.

P06 power Sport seats (14 way) with memory package - does that indicate heated seats? No.

XEX - Bi-zenon headlamps in black with PDLS - Does PDLS in 2015 mean the headlamps 'follow' the steering wheel motion when turning? Yes. In sport or sport + mode, they turn further too and have extended angle upwards for greater distance seeing what is ahead.

P3D - Premium packet i.c.w. power sports seats (14 way) - Anyone know what exactly this package includes? Going from memory on this one. I believe it includes 14-way, heated seats, automatic dimming mirrors.

P3H - Bose audio system - does this include Bluetooth and SiriusXM? the build sheet make no other references to nav/audio/connectivity options like the 2017/2018 online configurator does. Yes.

Questions - When backing up I didn't see a backup camera like on the 2017 Caymen I drove. Perhaps an option this car doesn't have? I also really liked the lane change assist on the Caymen. Is/was this an option or maybe standard on the 911 of 2015? It wasn't on the build sheet, not sure if it was an option or standard. I wasn't never in a position to see it activate on the short drive I took. LCA was not available on the 2015. Backup camera was available but it should be on the spec sheet if they ordered. It was not standards like it is on the 991.2 911s.

Finally, a Porsche religion question. Given the choice between a brand new Caymen S and this 2015 4S convertible, is the extra ~10K for a 911 worth it? The convertible aspect is a nice to have, but not a requirement. The micro-sized back seats aren't really a requirement either. Loaded question. These are totally different cars. I have a 2014 Boxster S and a 2018 911 C4. They are totally different cars. I love them both but you need to drive them and figure it our for yourself. These are totally different cars. Personally I would get the 911 since it has so low miles and it is the last NA generation 911. I'm not down on the 718 by any means.....just making a value choice here. 911 is the Porsche Icon which is cool but I still prefer to drive my Boxster on country roads. Good luck.

Sorry for all the questions. I just want to avoid any regrets!



P.S. the entire build sheet looks like this. If I'm missing anything 'essential' please let me know:

2T - Jet black metallic
1V - Cabriolet roof in black
BR - Leather interior in black/platinum grey
176 - sport exhaust system
250 - PDK
429 - 20" 911 turbo wheels
446 - WHeel center caps
541 - seat ventilation (front)
581 - Luggage net
970 - two tone leather interior
P06 - Power sport seats (14 way) with memory package
P3D - Premium package i.c.w. Power sport seats (14 way)
P3H - Bose audio
XeX - bi-Zenon headlamps in black with PDLS
XXG - clear glass taillights
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