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Side marker broken and loose..

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So for some reason my clear side marker isn't working anymore and I have been getting the Warning "Left side market not working" on my display. I've had the car for 2 years and only 11700 miles so I'm surprised it went out so fast.

Tonight I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the side marker connection and it still doesn't shine. The problem is when I put it back it is very loose and will come out while driving.

Anyone know what I did wrong? It just doesn't "pop" in place.

I will have to reorder another set of clear side markers, has anyone else had their bulb burn out on them?

EDIT: found this picture, I definitely bent the metal isn't squared off like this one
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Do a search. The bulbs are available. I took the clear bulbs out of the amber lenses and put them in the clear lenses. You should be able to bend the clips to tighten up the fixture.
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