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Description: General notes and ramblings.This not a hard item to install now that we have some instructions. Some of you may actually install it better than if you took it to a shop to have it done. Very basic tools are needed and most car guys would have them already. When I owned a body shop many years ago, this is how I would install the skirts for a customer that wanted a basic bolt on install. To get these to fit in a way I'd be really happy would require cutting of the skirt and some fiber glassing. I'm too old and beat up to go down that road, even though I am a little disappointed in the fit for now they are Goodenoughen. I will think about what can be done to get them more to my liking. I felt that the skirts should have had more attention to detail. Mine are very wavy and the finish is somewhat dry. The fit is more like a generic part made to fit several different models instead of a custom made part for our Caymans. Any stress mounting the skirts should be spread over as large of area a possible. Using fender washers instead of regular washers helps spread the stress over a larger area. I don't think bolts coming loose is going to be an issue. Use Lock washers if you feel the need. The use of standard lock washers will increase the chances of putting too much force on the skirt and cracking it. If you use lock washers run the screw all the way in, then remove it and install the lock washers. A less risky choice would be wave or star washers. I may add some wave washers to my install later.The holes drilled on the skirt should be large enough that the screws used to attach the skirt to the rocker pass through without using any force. This will help to keep down the possibility of stress cracks. Also, this will keep the skirt from being pushed away from the rocker when tightening the screw. Unless you're extremely sure of yourself, I recommend that you do not drill the skirt and rocker at the same time, in an effort to speed things up. If you drill the skirt first you have another chance to check your measurements. It wouldn't be too hard to accidently drill into the side of the rocker instead of the bottom. This would make for a bad day. Drilling the skirt off the car would make it nearly impossible to accidently punch into the side of rocker, besides the skirt holes should be larger anyway. It would be advised to fill the holes that are left from the rubber plugs. The skirts alone will not keep dirt and moisture out of the rockers. If you drive your car in the winter on treated roads, I would consider sealing the holes a must. I do plan on filling mine when I have finished tweaking mine trying to achieve a better fit. I'm assuming that anyone doing this install is using #12 screws. If you use a different size be sure to get the proper size drill bits. 7/32 is a bit tight for #12 screws, but leaves a little margin of error if the hole is not drilled straight. Using a larger bit and not get the bit straight may cause a loose fitting screw that may pull out under stress.What you need.1 roll of 3/16 or ¼ inch closed cell foam. The harder the better.1 or 2 Jacks.10 to 12- #12x3/4 sheet metal screws 12 or so, 3/16 fender washers. 1/4 will work also Lock washers or star lock washers. (Optional)Drill bits. 7/32 and 7/64 or 1/4Alcohol or similar degreaserDrillPhilips screwdriver.Masking tape & PenInstallingThe rocker has two raised areas and is tapered. This causes the skirts to twist and change planes as the skirt is bolted to the rocker. The foam installed on the back helps reduce the curves and waves enough to achieve an acceptable install, not perfect or as nice I would like. The first thing is to remove the rubber plugs in the rocker. Take a razor blade or hobby knife and score the area around the plug. This will help prevent pulling paint off the rockers. Squeeze the plugs together to get them out working your fingers around it to break all the paint free from the rocker.
Clean the bottom of the rocker with some alcohol or other degreaser. The rocker only has to be clean enough for the weather stripe to stay in place. Once clean apply the foam to the bottom of the rocker. Do not put it over the raised areas. This is the front of the rocker. Notice, the raised bar like area on the rocker at the end of the panel
The rear of the rocker, you may have to trim this end when bolting the skirt to the rocker
Place some masking tape on the side of the car to mark the location of the holes that are left after the rubber plugs were removed. This will help guide the screw location.
Take a measurement from the outside of the seam to an imaginary center line in the hole that is left from when you removed the plugs earlier and write it down you will need it shortly.
Check the rocker for unusual build up or runs in the chip guard. If you find any take a razor blade and cut them down. Take the skirt and place it in position use a jack or whatever you have to hold it in place while you measure it for the holes to be drilled. It does not have to be tight. Coffee cans and 2x4s it doesn't matter, you just need it to stay in place. Line up the skirt with the front fender at the wheel opening; it should be flush with the bottom end of the rocker. Now place some small pieces of tape in the middle of the tape you put on the body earlier. This is going to be the used to help guide you to mark the positions of the holes that you are going to drill into the skirt.
Once the skirt is in position get back down and either mark directly on the side skirt or place some masking tape on the skirt Using the measurement that you took and recorded earlier as a guide, mark the skirt at that distance using the tape you placed on the edge to find the locations between the rubber plug holes. Before marking the location of the screw hole to be drilled take your finger and push hard on where the screw mark is going to be made. Watch the edge of the skirt if it moves up or down when applying pressure; if it moves, try moving your finger slightly to a new location. What you are trying to find is the least amount of movement in the side skirt.Once you find a good solid point mark it. It should not be very far from center. If it is, try again, you did something wrong. Repeat for the five bolts in the main body of the skirt. The rear and the front are done by checking the position of the skirt. Once it is held in place by the five screws.
Checking skirt for movementThere are two ways to drill the skirt correctly and incorrectly, to save time I did it the incorrect way since this area will not be exposed. The proper way is drill all the holes from the finish side down. I didn't want to have to mark the top, so I used a small drill bit to make pilot holes from the bottom. I then drilled my 7/32 from the top. If you feel more comfortable drilling from the top transfer your measurements to the top and drill your skirt. Protect the skirt from scratches with a towel. Drill the skirt from the bottom using a small drill bit the 7/32 will work fine.
Once you have all five pilot holes drilled, turn the skirt over and drill the 7/64 or 1/4; holes. 1/4; may be better; it will give a little more room for minor adjustments.
Support the skirt with a block of wood. After you have the five holes drilled place the skirt back under the rocker and line it up. A second jack makes this step much easier, but you should be able to support it with wood or a jack stand
Now line your skirt up check the front that it is about even with the fender and square to it. The rear of the skirt is the problem area. You have to decide if you prefer for the rear of the skirt to be closer to the plane as the rest of the skirt or you would like a tighter fit around the rear wheel air damn. I went with in-between. I think this is most pleasing to the eye when view at a distance. I feel if the skirt was made properly in the first place we wouldn't have to accept a compromise.
The flash makes the gap looking larger than it is between the skirt and the air dam. The gray area is actually black like the rest of the air dam. Experiment with different positions of the skirt; if you find one that you think you like take a break. Have a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and look at it again. The final position of the skirt can be change at a later time if after driving the car for awhile and you decide you don't like the way it looks. It can be done by drilling new holes and filling the old ones or enlarging the current mounting holes. If you decide to use adhesive in your install I suggest you use the car for a few weeks to see if you are satisfied with your install. Once glued it is more than likely not going to come apart in one piece.
Front of the skirt. I also included the adhesive I recommend using if you decide to glue the skirt for added strength. The 3m window weld creates an incredible strong bond. Once your satisfied with the skirts position drill the 7/32 holes in the rocker. Use a sharp pointed tool like an ice pick to make an indentation to help the drill from slipping while drilling the hole. The body schutz (chip guard) can be pushed into with the pick, and should be sufficient to guide the bit at a slow speed without slipping. Once the whole are drill bolt the skirt up.
Your bolts should look something like this. Front Bolt Position
Rear screw placement: The rear screw needs to be placed in a way that does not kick the edge of the skirt up or down. Spend some time deciding where to place it. Push hard with your thumb in several areas to find the best position.
Once found, drill the skirt and the rocker with your small drill bit. Then place a thin piece of wood or other suitable material to stop the bit from going into the rocker between the rocker and the skirt to drill the larger hole for the skirt. Repeat for the other side and you're done Here are a few shots of the skirts on my car. You can see that they still don't lay straight. I haven't paid attention to other cars with skirts, so I have no idea how they compare. I do hope I or someone comes up with a method to mount these so they look better. Front screw placement: Is the same as the rear, you need to find the best location for your install.

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