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Thinking about keeping things clean and simple and going with a Single DIN head unit and a storage pocket underneath. Currently have CDR-24 w/BOSE. Can I do this using one of the aftermarket double DIN kits as a starting point? Anyone else have experience? I could just go with a simple Double DIN H.U. but it seems like there is more choice among Single DIN receivers.

What I want:
- Plug & play with Bose or at least something I can decipher.
- Very good iPod integration (100% Must have)

- Bluetooth (Nice but not a deal breaker)
- Sat radio (take it or leave it)

What a do not want:
- Touchscreen
- Nav
- Video

Nothing against all the cool AVIC type set-ups. I actually love them. Just not what I want for this car. Just tunes loud & clear.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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