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This is a note on the Softronic flash review on a mostly stock 987.1 car after a few months. I've read quite a bit about the flash. I have some slight difference in impression, so I figured I'll write a fresh post.

- car felt slightly better at low end + power felt smoother in mid-range
- improved fuel consumption in mix of city/highway driving
- has setting to optimize 98 RON fuel
- very easy to install

- doesn't feel like it added much power
- worsened fuel consumption in heavy city driving
- no support for Mac computers to flash

Other comments
- have yet to find non-vendor dyno results on a mostly stock car
- while I understand that IPD is their competitor, I found it a little frustrating to discuss with Scott about which throttle body to use when I already had two IPDs sitting at home. He always avoided answering questions that involved products from other vendors.

Background Info

This is a 2008 Cayman S Sport a tiny 8hp bump at the crank compared to a normal CS back then. The car came with a PSE and Sport Chrono as standard equipment. My car's mostly stock with only IPD (non-competition version) and NHP 200-cell cats on the headers before the flash was done. For practical purposes, this is a stock car. I purchased the flash from Softronic directly from Softronic while not having the "sport mode" enabled permanently. The last but not the least, I run 98 RON fuel -- so 93 for (R+M)/2 scale -- and my flash reflected that.


Overall, the car felt a little more responsive at the lower end to the middle part of the power band. No change in top end.

Impression of power increase - Not as much as some claimed

One thing I would like to clarify is the description that I have read previously here and elsewhere on the internet. Some claimed their cars made a night and day difference in throttle/power, and I noticed they all wrote they had "sport mode" enabled. One could press the OEM Sport Mode on a non-flashed Cayman with Chrono, and the car would feel it has gotten noticeably faster just like that. My guess is a lot of the claims were due to this.

Personally I've never been a fan of the sport mode even from the OEM, but it certainly does fool the driver that the car is much faster just because of the increased sensitivity of the throttle when sport mode's on. It doesn't even make sense to have the sport model enabled permanently anyway. Take that out of the equation, I think the difference of the Softronic software would be much smaller than what people have claimed.

From my butt-dyno, I did notice a very small improvement in low to mid range. There was no difference at all at the top end. My butt-dyno isn't the most sensitive one, and generally could feel a noticeable difference when the car gets about 8 to 10hp more at the wheels. The car probably picked up a few hp and got slightly smoother power curves as a result of the flash. Whether that's due to better optimization of the 98 RON fuel I have, or mainly from the newer program ... I do not know.

As much as some claimed on dyno sheets this adds 25hp at the crank (I personally haven't managed to find much about dyno results on a mostly stock car like mine by the way), I would highly doubt this is a 25hp mod even with the 98 RON fuel setting enabled. This would be more of a 10bhp-12bhp mod for me, if at all. Perhaps that's because my car already has some 8bhp of jump start compared to a normal Cayman? Who knows.

Fuel Consumption - better and worst than stock file
Fuel consumption worsened for city driving and improved for highway driving. For reference:

[TABLE="class: grid, width: 500"]
[TD]Fuel Consumption (mpg)[/TD]
[TD]Heavy Traffic[/TD]
[TD]Mix of City/Highway[/TD]

Granted, there could be small inaccuracies in determining the fuel consumption, but I have done the tally over the course of a few months. I generally stick to the same two Shell and Chevron fuel stations in where I live.

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Been a while but if memory serves the flash on a stock car was advertised at ~10 hp. You have to do SRP or a cat back to get the 25+ hp increase. SRP and Capristo plays nice together but take a different flash. The better low end and lack of the mid-range sag was what always seemed like the big benefit to the stock flash.

I agree on sport mode. Gives the illusion of more power on throttle advance but just makes the throttle non-linear. I find it much simpler to just move my foot more as needed.

Seemed like fuel burn was better across the board for me but that was with SRP and later on Capristo so not quite apples to apples.

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Your impressions are similar to my experiences with flashes on other cars over the years. I think they really don't add much to a basically stock car. Now if you need to turn off cel errors because you added headers or added other power adders then yea it makes sense to flash. Anyway, buying a generic flash is like buying an off the rack suit; it fits "ok," but doesn't fit like it would if a tailor got involved.

When I looked at the flashes available for my Porsche, what I found convinced me to go with the Sprint Booster instead. Is that a perfect solution, heck no, a private tuning session with a Professional Tuner and a dyno is the way to go, but boy the cost of that versus the gain is going to be off the charts!
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