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Is there a Softronic Plenum also for 987 2.7 engine ? Is it the same with the 987-S engine ?
Are there two versions of plenum ? (i have installed Remus Catback exchaust)
The Gen 1 SRP Plenum is the same for the 2.7L and 3.4L S

Is there a bundle price for both Software and plenum ??
Yes can be found here: Welcome to -> Cayman Intake Plenum

If i go for the software first and then upgrade to plenum, do i need to reflash ? ( pay the software for second time ??)
In this case yes as the software/flash is different between the 2 packages. Normally softronics offers free updates to the software you've purchased i.e. the SRP package used to have software version 3.1, Scott came out with 4.1 and customers with the 3.1 package received a free flash upgrade to 4.1

I reccomend the package if you're already considering both, its the best price and you get the flash designed to work with the plenum.
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