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I sold my 987 Cayman (for a GT3, so no crisis occurred) and removed the audio beforehand. This is a complete Suncoast trim kit, a EuroMotorspeed wiring kit (with NAV-TV MOST-HUR for factory Bose/CAN bus integration), and a Pioneer AppRadio 4 with all the boxes, wiring, and instructions. I went with the AppRadio because it maintained a semi-factory look and I used Apple CarPlay 99% of the time - see picture with it installed.

I have pictured that the radio has some weird looking "artifact" on the screen that is not visible when it's on. When installed in the car, it's pretty much impossible to see it - I didn't even realize it was there until I was up close removing it a couple weeks ago. There is no loss of functionality or weird display when it's on. I've factored this into the price, though.

Priced new, the wiring and trim kit is $775 from SunCoast Porsche and the Pioneer is $375. So if you were concerned about the AppRadio and wanted to throw it away, it's still a solid price on the wiring and install kit compared to new. Plus the wiring kit is ready to drop in, opposed to a lot of sorting and routing when new.

Looking for $600. Located in the Houston (north) area if you're local.

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