SOLD! Transparent HIP Acrylic engine cover for 987 CaymanS: $600 + shipping

One of the neatest toys for 987 CaymanS owners is this transparent acrylic HIP engine cover I have for sale. These are very high quality engine covers and rare; not many were made. There are some light swirl marks near the mounting posts and some light cleaning scratches but otherwise the acrylic is in good shape with great visibility into the engine compartment (so keep your engine clean). To my knowledge this cover will only fit the CaymanS 987 models. It may fit other 987 models but I have no experience with this engine cover and those models.

[Updated to add: This is a HIP engine cover made from acrylic, not plexiglass. Here is product information
from the original description:
patent pending design • installs in minutes • 1/2" thick cell-cast molded-acrylic panel for optimal clarity • superior quality, integrated, EPDM rubber edge-bonded compression-seal • precision CNC machined profile • custom stainless steel hardware • high-temperature european blackout coating on reverse periphery • enhanced engine acoustics (more engine...more Porsche!) • proudly made in the U.S.A.]

Here is a link to their web site:

It only takes a few minutes to install via two mounting posts that first screw into the metalwork and then the retaining bolt screws through the plexiglass into the mount. No drilling required as it uses the existing engine cover holes for mounting.

Selling for $600 with buyer paying shipping costs anywhere in the US. I just got an expandable box from UHaul for 40” LCD TVs that should work perfectly for shipping the engine cover.

OC Garza
Victoria Texas